Texas Injury Benefit Plans


If you’re in the market for a new health insurance plan, Texas Injury Benefit Plans can help you find the best one. CCMSI is a national health insurance company that administers Texas Injury Benefit Plans. Its benefits cover more than just physical injuries, but also mental health and long-term care. Its services also provide access to a network of doctors and hospitals. To learn more, check out this blog. It covers all of Texas’ insurance plans, including QCARE.

CCMSI administers Texas Injury Benefit Plans

The Workers’ Compensation Administrator, or WCI, is a key element of the workers’ compensation system. As the link between the injured employee and the agency responsible for the plan, WCI serves as the primary point of contact for all state workers. These workers are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions that could lead to a work-related injury. Under Texas Insurance Code Chapter 1305, these administrators are authorized to participate in workers’ compensation health care networks.


QCARE is a unique designation for worker’s compensation insurance and injury benefit programs. It’s important for employers in Texas to have competition in the worker’s compensation market, and it makes the process of administering injury benefits easy for business owners. QCARE also clarifies what Texas employers should do if they don’t buy workers’ compensation insurance. Here’s an overview of QCARE’s features. Read on to learn more about this designation and why it matters to your business.

IMO Med-Select Health Care Network

When it comes to selecting the right healthcare provider, IMO Med-Select Health Care is the way to go. As a pioneer in the nonsubscriber market, IMO has the experience and provider expertise to build custom networks of specialty providers and nonsubscribers. The company also offers other benefits, including a custom provider panel, medical case management, utilization review, and medical bill review.


Whether you work for a public or private entity, you’re probably aware of Injury Management Organization (IMO) programs. These managed care plans help employers manage their risk through flexible program design, claims proficiency, and relationship-driven customer service. Founded in 1991, IMO is a Tokio Marine Group member with an A+ rating from A.M. Best. It also provides medical bill review and case management services. Its expertise comes from more than two decades of experience and focuses on employee engagement and provider relationships.

Arbitration of negligence liability claims

In Texas, the vast majority of employers sponsor injury benefit plans that require arbitration of negligence liability claims. The employee promises to arbitrate the dispute as a condition to receiving injury benefits. Arbitration agreements are not legally binding, but employers retain the right to amend or cancel the terms if they so choose. Consequently, the Texas Injury Benefit Act provides injured employees with many protections when suing their employers for negligence.

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