Why you should know about Patrick Shin and his company?



The Nan Inc. Creator has turned Nan Chul Shins concepts into massive realities through her dedication, hard work, and unshakable vision. Company Information Nan, Inc. was founded in 1990 by its owner, Mr. Nan Chul Shin, in Honolulu, based on a humble young entrepreneur’s dream of helping to make Hawaii’s future a better Hawaii. Nan Inc was started nearly two decades ago by the owner of the firm, and the business has slowly made strides in the building trades ever since, earning the reputation as a devoted building company. Patrick Shin has built Nan Inc to become one of the largest and most successful construction companies in Hawaii. 

Although Patrick Nan Shin started out as a laborer earning pitiful wages, he is now one of Hawaii’s best building contractors. Most people in Hawaii know Nan Inc owner Patrick Shin as Hawaii’s successful general contractor and a well-known philanthropist, but few people know how he got to that level. Today, he is also a leader of the charitable community, having donated large sums to such noble causes like hospitals, schools, food banks, health care trusts, cancer societies, and orphanages all over Hawaii. 

Patrick Nan Chul Shin success as a Hawaii-based general contractor is far from straightforward. As a member of the civil engineering department, Patrick Nan Shins construction administration in Hawaii has made an amazing turnaround and has produced some of its most successful projects, thanks largely to vice presidents Frank OKimoto and Mr. Myles Mizokami. From very humble beginnings, with just the owner, Mr. Nan Chul Shin, and a single worker by his side, Mr. Shin began by taking on the smallest construction projects with determination and integrity; the first contract was to install a single traffic signal. 

About his company

In the construction business, Nan Inc. is a well-known brand name. They’ve landed a number of multi-million dollar federal contracts. In the beginning, they were just like any other little business. A road sign was their first building project.

As soon as Patrick Shin experienced some success, he was inspired and had the drive to take on greater ventures. His building firm expanded rapidly as a result of his tenacity.

Today, Nan Inc is Hawaii’s biggest locally-owned and managed general contractor. When it comes to big undertakings, we’ve gone a long way in the last several decades.

What is the reason for Patrick shin’s success at Nan Inc?

Nan Inc. was one of the first in Hawaii’s construction industry to reach the amount of success it did. But why did the owner become so successful so quickly? Patrick Shin, the CEO of Nan Inc, says, “It really boils down to ambition, motivation, and a little bit of luck.” Here is a more information regarding all you need to know about Nan Chul Shin.

Patrick is a modest man who has accomplished a remarkable achievement in developing one of Hawaii’s largest construction management firms. Nan, Inc. is still a relatively new corporation in the eyes of the business community. It’s been around for nearly a quarter of a century. With over 2,600 successful projects in general contracting, pre-construction, and design-build, they have a proven track record in these areas. With their building initiatives, they’ve produced some fantastic results. Nan Inc. is ranked No. 2 among Hawaii’s top 25 contracts by the Building Industry Magazine for their great work.

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