How to Use Podcast Marketing to Get More Listeners


Podcast marketing can be a great way to reach new people. It can be done with several methods, including social media, paid ads, email newsletters, and influencer marketing. It is possible to create a podcast using your voice over talent, and you can create a playlist of episodes to distribute to your listeners.

Influencer marketing

Using podcasts as influencer marketing can be an effective way to build a bigger audience. The best podcasts appeal to a specific market and can provide valuable content for listeners. When contacting influencers to partner on a podcast, it’s important to make sure the podcasters’ audiences align with your own. Some are easier to work with than others.

When it comes to podcast influencer marketing, it is important to find a podcast host who likes the product and is willing to promote it. It’s also crucial to write an ad that resonates with the host’s audience. Otherwise, it won’t do much to increase sales. Using the podcast host to promote your product can help you solidify your relationship with them and your brand.

Paid ads

One way to get more listeners to your podcast is through paid ads. These advertisements appear on a website and are usually intended to encourage visitors to take action. They can be run through third-party websites and specific ad platforms. Typically, these ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis.

To get more listeners, you need to create an ad that demonstrates the value of your product or service. This is best accomplished through a thorough understanding of your target audience. This means building a persona for your podcast’s audience and crafting a message that will compel them to take action. In addition, you should show the listener how your product or service solves a problem or fills a need. Finally, if possible, you can let your podcast host read your ad so that listeners can experience the product or service.

Email newsletters

Email newsletters can be a great way to market your podcast. The content of the newsletter can be anything from your latest episode’s summary to bonus content that will help your listeners learn more about the podcast. It can also include links to your website or podcast page, and copyright information. Your newsletter should also contain an unsubscribe link, and it should be easy for listeners to unsubscribe.

Depending on the type of podcast you produce, you can use a free tool or sign up for a paid service. You can sign up for a free trial for many email marketing services. Then, you can decide whether the tool meets your requirements and fits your budget. You can always upgrade later when you need more features or need more customization.


When planning your podcast episodes, keep in mind to include relevant keywords. This will improve your ranking in search engines. Don’t forget to also provide written content that goes with each episode. This will double the effort you put into the episode. In addition, you can use podcast transcription tools to make your podcast more crawlable.

In the episode title, include the targeted keyword or keywords. The title is one of the first things that a potential listener will see when they search for your podcast. Make sure that the title provides enough context to the audience.

Subject lines

In podcast marketing, subject lines are a crucial part of the overall strategy. They need to evoke curiosity in the listener and alert them to what’s inside. It is important to write the subject lines in the same style as the podcast and use images that fit the brand’s style. It is also important to determine whether you’ll use a newsletter format or a text-only email.

The most effective subject lines are easy to understand and intriguing. For example, you don’t want to use a question like “Are you ready for new mortgage terms?” – your audience is likely to be put off by this, but a subject line like “Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of new mortgage terms?” will boost the open rate. In fact, one case study showed that optimizing the subject line produced a 927 percent increase in the number of subscribers. You can also create an offer that provides value to your target audience, and don’t forget to consider profit margins before offering discounts or deals.

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