How to unlock sales growth with Amazon A+ Content


Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is A+ Content?
  • Difference between A+ and Premium A+ Content
  • Eligibility criteria for A+ Content
  • Do’s and don’ts of A+ Content design
  • Benefits of A+ Content
  • Conclusion

Amazon enhanced brand content design provides sellers with a unique opportunity to set themselves apart in the competitive sector of online retail with their product listings. With this advanced content solution—which Amazon now refers to as A+ Content—sellers may add rich media formats, such detailed narratives, comparison tables, and high-quality photos, to the product description part of their listings. This blog examines the fundamentals of A+ Content, as well as its variations, qualifying standards, best practices, and potential for increasing sales.

What is A+ Content?

Sellers may use enhanced images, videos, and formatted text to create engaging product descriptions with A+ Content. Originally created to make premium brands stand out, A+ Content is now a tool for sellers who wish to enhance the buying experience by using personalized multimedia content to highlight the distinctive value of their products.

Difference between A+ Content and Premium A+ Content

To summarize some key differences between A+ and premium A+ Content on Amazon:

A+ Content Premium A+ Content
Free Free
Available to all sellers enrolled in Brand Registry Available to all brand registered sellers with Brand Story and at least 5 A+ Content submissions in the last 12 months.
7 modules  7 modules 
No video content options


Embedded video content, offering a richer media experience
Suitable for products that need more description, more lenient character count. Suitable for premium visuals that reduce character count
Standard image sizes


Wider, full-width images

Eligibility criteria for A+ Content

To access A+ Content, sellers must register with the Amazon Brand Registry, which protects registered trademarks and offers a number of tools to help with brand management and development. Following registration, sellers can use their Seller Central dashboard’s A+ Content manager to start creating better listings.

Do’s and don’ts of A+ Content design


  • Focus on brand storytelling: A+ Content is the perfect medium for communicating your brand’s narrative in a way that appeals to consumers. You may establish a deeper emotional connection by developing a story that combines the ethos and values of your brand. This strategy is interesting and unique to each company, persuading buyers to purchase your goods as part of a more comprehensive lifestyle decision.
  • Make use of high-quality visuals: To effectively showcase the value and useful applications of your items, you must use professionally shot videos and high-resolution photos. By skillfully showcasing the finer points and distinctive qualities, these images can increase the product’s appeal and desirability. Presenting your products in the best possible way can improve client perception and raise the possibility that they will make a purchase.
  • Incorporate SEO: While A+ Content itself isn’t indexed by Amazon’s search algorithms, its influence on customer behavior can affect product visibility indirectly. Enhanced content that improves conversion rates and customer engagement can lead to better overall performance on the platform. This, in turn, helps elevate your product in search rankings, leveraging user interactions as signals of relevance and popularity. Ensure content is grammatically correct, punctuated properly, and concise before submitting.


  • Information overload: It’s critical to avoid overwhelming the customer with too much content or complex images, which can make the page look cluttered and unclear. Effective message delivery and client engagement are both aided by a clear, uncomplicated structure that prevents information fatigue.
  • Ignoring mobile optimization: Since many Amazon customers read on their smartphones, it is important to always keep mobile consumers in mind while creating A+ Content. To offer a flawless purchasing experience, make sure the information is responsive and looks as beautiful on mobile devices as it does on desktop computers.
  • Content restrictions and compliance: In your A+ Content, do not use registered trademarks, copyrights, symbols, or mention promises, guarantees, time-sensitive content, or delivery information. It’s also crucial to avoid making inflated or unsupported promotional claims.
  • Contact and identification guidelines: Make sure that no watermarks, links, or private contact information are present in your content. To adhere to Amazon’s policies, refrain from identifying yourself as a distributor, seller, or vendor in any way.

Benefits of A+ Content

  • Enhanced customer trust: Well-made presentations project a feeling of dependability and dedication to quality, which reassures customers and helps them feel more at ease about their purchasing decisions. Professional and visually beautiful A+ Content can further enhance customer trust and credibility.
  • Enhanced conversion rates: By clearly conveying the value and features of the product, A+ Content may captivate readers and dramatically increase conversion rates by showcasing the benefits of the product through captivating descriptions and images.
  • Lower return rates: By ensuring that customers have a clear grasp of what they are buying, thorough written and visual explanations helps lower the likelihood of returns resulting from unmet expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In conclusion, for sellers hoping to succeed in Amazon’s competitive marketplace, utilizing A+ Content is essential. Using an Amazon consulting agency may help you optimize your listings with A+ Content so they not only fit the platform’s strict guidelines but also effectively convey the essence of your company. Sellers may increase customer trust, optimize product attractiveness, and ultimately achieve higher conversion rates by working with experts in this field. This strategic investment helps safeguard against common pitfalls like high return rates and ensures your offerings stand out in the bustling Amazon marketplace.


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